The following are the rates charged for service provided by Oceana County EMS (effective January 1, 2017).

Level of Service Rate Mileage
Base Rate for Basic Life Support, Non-Emergency (BLS 1) $525.00 $15.00/loaded mile
Base Rate for Basic Life Support, Emergency (BLS 1) $525.00 $15.00/loaded mile
Advanced Life Support Treatment and Non-Transport $525.00 not applicable
Base Rate  for Advanced Life Support, Non-Emergency, (ALS 1) $625.00 $15.00/loaded mile
Base Rate for Advanced Life Support, Emergency, Level 1 (ALS 1) $625.00 $15.00/loaded mile
Base Rate for Advanced Life Support, Level 2 (ALS 2) $875.00 $15.00 / loaded mile
Specialty Care Transport (SCT) $975.00 $15.00/loaded mile
Base Oxygen Rate $50.00 not applicable
As a service to its patients, Oceana County EMS bills insurances directly for ambulance transports with the authorization of the patient or guardian. If an insurance requires a patient co-pay, Oceana County EMS then bills that co-pay to the patient or a secondary insurer.  Oceana County EMS is not permitted, by law, to write off patient co-pays. Oceana County EMS adheres to the rules and laws of Medicare and Medicaid, and applies these rules equally for all insurance carriers.  As an example, we will only bill insurances for ambulance transports that are deemed medically necessary. Medical necessity unfortunately is not whether the patient needed to see a doctor or go to the hospital. Medical necessity only deals with whether the patient could or could not have been transported by other means.  In many cases where we cannot verify medical necessity, patients are advised they may have to contact their insurance company themselves for coverage of the ambulance charges. Please click the attached link for a copy of our Notice of Privacy.  

Requests for emergency ambulance service should be made by dialing 911.